Delivering how much confidence?

Sometimes accreditationism deliciously exposes its own inconsistancies.

You work in a great lab parasitised by the accreditation body.  The inspection cartel has persuaded your government to give the inspection monopoly in your country to this body.  Have you noticed how the assessors are now going beyond finding non-compliances with the ISO standard?  it looks like your lab has become so compliant it looks like inspection isn’t needed any more.  So the assessors require improvement actions that have nothing to do with the standard or any other code of practice.   Didn’t you notice?


Accreditation rests on the vague promise “Delivering Confidence.”  (It has to – otherwise its claims could be measurable)  How much confidence has the inspection body had in itself when it requires victim labs to validate calibration and test certificates issued by other labs and manufacturers it has accredited?

How much confidence does it have in the complex validation it required you to do when it requires you to revalidate the work in your lab again later to prove all is still well?

There is no end to the amount of unnecessary work your lab can take on because not having accreditation is not an option.

Make work..make work…make work…

Do they really believe their requirements are helpful or economical?  Only an insider can tell whether the inspection cartel’s self-delusion is staged or real.

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