The Men Who Made Us Thin

Jacques Peretti made a fascinating series of TV programmes to follow The Men Who Made Us Fat.

The Men Who Made Us Thin shows how the various elements of the weight loss industry have failed to make much impact on population obesity.  We, the audited, can only ask when a similar investigation of the inspection cartel will come?

Just as diet and exercise do little for obesity, so inspection can do little for quality.  It only appears to work once quality is defined as compliance.

Actuary Louis Dublin shifted the weight that was considered normal in 1943 so that half the US population became overweight overnight.  The diet, exercise, convenience food and public health industries followed.

The BSI/UKAS/ISO inspection cartel did much the same when suggesting that all non-accredited businesses lacked quality.  The cartel scored well when it persuaded the EU to enforce the standards on labs.  This created and endless cycle of work profitable only to cartel members.  Accreditation is designed to never solve the problem.  It’s not the quality that matters, it’s the ritual.

The EU likes accreditation because it’s been persuaded that it makes all laboratory values directly comparable.  This fits with its central dogma of open borders that has facilitated many food alerts due to the absence of border inspections.  Do the eurocrats realise that the cartel’s promise is not only false? Big differences may remain between labs’ analyses and endless inspection keeps shifting the standards.  Year by year UKAS squeezes more of its own interpretation into its demands.  This keeps up the appearance of progress and continual improvement.  It ensures that absolute quality never, ever arrives.  It also makes historical comparisons questionable – if the “quality” is always improving the values obtained this year have a different validity than those in the past.  Could it all end up as daft as the global warming scam?

Less carbohydrate; less inspection.

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