The strategy is, don’t interrupt the money flow

Bill Bonner writes in The World’s Fattest Army,

“The late colonel John Boyd, of the US Air Force, observed that:

“It is not true the Pentagon has no strategy. It has a strategy, and once you understand what that strategy is, everything the Pentagon does makes sense. The strategy is, don’t interrupt the money flow, add to it.”

“Boyd was a strategist. He observed that wars were won by lean and agile fighters… who were able to improvise and innovate quickly as needs and opportunities arose. Bureaucracy does not support such warriors; it tries to get rid of them. William S. Lind:

“Boyd is best known for coming up with the OODA Loop or Boyd Cycle. He posited that all conflict is composed of repeated, time-competitive cycles of observing, orienting, deciding, and acting.”

ISO Too: The Art of Mil-spec Kids

“The most important element is orientation: whoever can orient more quickly to a rapidly changing situation acquires a decisive advantage because his slower opponent’s actions are too late and therefore irrelevant – as he desperately seeks convergence, he gets ever increasing divergence. At some point, he realises he can do nothing that works. That usually leads him either to panic or to give up, often while still physically largely intact.

“And yet, bureaucracy – zombies, looking out for themselves, not for the security of the nation – is what you get when you have too much money and no worthy enemies.”

What became of the US military has also become of their military specification defence standards.  That via the Royal Navy and BSI gave us BS 5750.  That spawned the ISO management standards.  That through political influence has infested so many workplaces.

Military with no enemies, inspectors in an age of fairly good quality;  Don’t interrupt the money flow.  It’s all coalescing into zombiedom…

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