ChemistryDaily’s summary of ISO 9000 criticisms

The article cited below has vanished from its original URL but may be read at The Wayback Machine:

ChemistryDaily summarises criticisms of ISO 9000 thus:

Criticisms of ISO 9000

Criticisms of ISO 9000 generally concern inappropriate misapplication or extension of its use in companies, and the effect this can have on organizational culture.

These problems were particularly pronounced with the ISO 9000:1994 revision. The 2000 revision was in part an attempt to address such criticisms.

There are few or no objective metrics showing any effectiveness for ISO 9000. In 1997, two people took the BSI to the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming in an advertisement that ISO 9001 “improves productivity … almost always gives an immediate result in terms of productivity and efficiency, and that means cost reductions … pays for itself … Staff morale is better because they understand what is expected of them and each other,” whilst being unable to produce any objective metrics to substantiate these assertions. The complaint was upheld.

In Japan, amidst complaints of ISO 9000 undermining world-class thinking, Toyota abandoned the standard in 2000, moving back to their in-house Toyota Production System.

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