Personnel Reliability Program…Insider Threat Program

We observed below the Personnel Reliability Program to ensure the reliability of terror everywhere.  This seems to be part of the “Insider Threat” programme described by Jacob Chamberlain:

“A program being implemented by the Obama administration titled “Insider Threat” requires millions of federal employees to keep a close watch on each other – a “sweeping” effort to crackdown on whistleblowers and leakers across the U.S. government, McClatchy reports Friday after obtaining a series of government documents.

“The program, which has largely gone unmentioned in the media, spans all government agencies and mandates that employees and their superiors seek out “high-risk persons or behaviors” tied to someone who might expose government wrongdoing. Those who fail to expose someone they belief to be a leaker face penalties that include criminal charges.

“As McClatchy reports Friday, the program creates a “sweeping” government-wide crackdown on federal employees who may find certain harmful actions or policies of their employer worthy of public knowledge.

“The program was launched in October 2011 directly after Army Pfc. Bradley Manning leaked military documents that exposed U.S. war crimes to the website WikiLeaks….”

There’s lots more money to be paid out creating paranoia here.

It could be done so much more elegantly with an ISO standard.  Nobody would bother getting worked up about bureaucracy being done this way. 

Any society that behaves like this is certainly doomed to self-destruction.  Each of its members will destroy each other.  No external threat needed.

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