Personnel Reliability Program to ensure the reliability of terror everywhere

Personnel Reliability Program…now there’s an idea for those seeking to ensure the terror never goes away.  And the money keeps flowing through the government from the taxpayer to the favoured contractor.  The outsider threat…the insider threat.  Where to turn?  

Incorporate these ideas into an ISO management standard and no-one will be free.

Implementation of a Personnel Reliability Program as a Facilitator of Biosafety and Biosecurity Culture in BSL-3 and BSL-4 Laboratories

Jacki J. Higgins, Patrick Weaver, J. Patrick Fitch, Barbara Johnson, and R. Marene Pearl. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science. June 2013, 11(2): 130-137. doi:10.1089/bsp.2013.0024.

Jacki J. Higgins, MFS, is the Certifying Official, Personnel Reliability Program, Infrastructure Operations; Patrick Weaver, PE, is Director of Infrastructure Operations; and J. Patrick Fitch, PhD, is the Director; all at the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, Fort Detrick, Maryland. Barbara Johnson, PhD, is the owner of Biosafety Biosecurity International, Herndon, Virginia. R. Marene Pearl, MSN, is a Nurse Practitioner, Corporate Occupational Health Solutions, Frederick, Maryland.

In late 2010, the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) implemented a Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) with the goal of enabling active participation by its staff to drive and improve the biosafety and biosecurity culture at the organization. A philosophical keystone for accomplishment of NBACC’s scientific mission is simultaneous excellence in operations and outreach. Its personnel reliability program builds on this approach to: (1) enable and support a culture of responsibility based on human performance principles, (2) maintain compliance with regulations, and (3) address the risk associated with the insider threat. Recently, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) governing use and possession of biological select agents and toxins (BSAT) was amended to require a pre-access suitability assessment and ongoing evaluation for staff accessing Tier 1 BSAT. These 2 new requirements are in addition to the already required Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Security Risk Assessment (SRA). Two years prior to the release of these guidelines, NBACC developed its PRP to supplement the SRA requirement as a means to empower personnel and foster an operational environment where any and all work with BSAT is conducted in a safe, secure, and reliable manner.

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