Global temperature and quality – flatlining?

Christopher Brooker has reproduced a Met Office graph showing the scale of global warming.  


In earlier versions the earth’s temperature looked something like the percentage of people rejecting the global warming ideology:


It was used to justify numerous plans to raise the cost of living and to transfer more taxpayers’ money to the truly wealthy.  It gave us ridiculous “carbon footprints” to make the taxpayer believe that monetisation of carbon credits for the enrichment of banksters and congressmen was reasonable.

If quality were measurable, which (if either) graph might show the change in quality brought about by the ISO accreditation hoax?

So now we’re waiting for an accreditation insider to spill the beans on how this scam has been operating for so long.  Or maybe Anonymous or WikiLeaks will help.

Has accreditation made quality flatline, or is it declining?  Why does nobody see the need to investigate with adequately designed randomised controlled double-blind trials?  Or even some investigative journalism…if anyone can remember how.

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