Mid Staffordshire: How has accreditation helped?

Damning: Inquiry Chairman Robert Francis QC published his 1,700 page report with 290 recommendations following 'appalling care' at a Stafford hospital

The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust may have killed over 1000 patients. Responding to the Francis Report that arose from the public inquiry, Dr Archie Prentice, President of the Royal College of Pathologists said (among better things): “…This College has led the development and use of quality schemes to assure the accuracy and reliability of pathology tests on which all medical care depends…”

How has the CPA accreditation component of these schemes helped?  It interferes with the work of workers but not the plans of the senior managers who pass through.  Accreditation cannot touch the management dysfunctions that matter because assessors must bless service cuts in order to retain something to inspect.  Many forms of healthcare accreditation is bogus.

Just as the supply chain of (horse)meat is assured by conformity certificates rather than actual testing in the marketplace the EU has legislated to be very open, so inspecting the things that can be inspected often misses the issues that matter.

A dump truck is filled up with blocks of meat at French meat processor Spanghero's factory. French authorities blame Spanghero for the fraud that led to the horse meat scandal

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