Trawling not solving

One of the errors at the root of the inspection cartel is that it investigates issues that aren’t problems, only “non-compliances” with the ISO standard that might perhaps be related to a problem, if one existed at all.  It is one thing to investigate and solve the root cause of a real problem, but inspectors need a regular income, so they must assess non-issues that might possibly one day lead to some sort of real problem.  They are trained into this mentality and pass it on to the victims they inspect.


The “”Quality Manual” and all the other SOPs had to be written to create multiple points of potential failure for inspectors to trawl through.  They certainly won’t start with evidence that you have a real quality problem.

In How the Police Trawl the Innocent, Richard Webster describes how UK police forces have moved onto the same totalitarian path as the quality cartel’s inspectors when investigating claims of child molestation, or “abuse” as it is now termed.  When detectives share the logical positivist philosophy of the cartel inspectors, a similar inquisitorial approach to investigation should not be surprising.  Legal positivism leads to even worse oppression.

Like UKAS inspectors, police will now presume a crime and seek for evidence to substantiate their assumption.  Instead of beginning with a crime and seeking to solve it, they sometimes start with a suspect, seek possible witnesses, and trawl for a crime.    The checks and balances against convicting the innocent are being set aside.  The police look diligent, the courts go along for the ride, the criminals that allege childhood abuse obtain the compensation that motivated them, and the innocent get long jail terms.


Those who have observed the practice of accreditation inspections will understand well.  The complexity required of the “quality system” inevitably means failures will be present.  They probably won’t be important but inspectors can find them by trawling the evidence you are forced to accumulate against yourselves.  The rest of the population is far behind in their comprehension.


Fortunately the inspection cartel and national governments have not yet got too far down the road of accrediting everything.  But in the future this philosophy, if not stopped, will give everyone an equal opportunity to be the victim of government molestation.  Remember that UKAS thinks almost everything can be subjected to the process of accreditation…

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