Pension? Too late!

We know that ISO accreditation eventually becomes a comfort blanket to many employees.  Like the victims of kidnappers, they may come to sympathise with their captors and defend them.

This article investigates the psychology of Ponzi schemes – such as the pension you’ve no chance of getting now.  Gary North concludes,

“There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. There is an economic catastrophe at the end of it for most people. There is going to be a Great Default. Anyone who tells you that it is not too late to avoid the default is like the messenger who comes to warn a person that he is involved in a Ponzi scheme. He is not going to be believed. But if he is not believed, then there is no solution, according to the messenger. Therefore, the messenger is blowing smoke. Or else he is inhaling it.

The essence of the Ponzi scheme is steadfast resistance to the warning brought by a messenger. Therefore, it is way too late to solve the problem. It was way too late to solve the problem 50 years ago. People involved in Ponzi schemes stay with them until the bitter end. The bitter end is coming.”

Accreditation is clearly a psychological problem that has hardly been investigated.  Is it also chiefly a psychological problem?

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