Inspectors are never close enough

One of the Care Quality Commission posts advertised on the NHS Jobs website

Further criticism of organisational wrongs approved by likes of the Care Quality Commission:

“The degree of supervision required for the protection of the most vulnerable in society costs money.

Such supervision cannot be left to the Care Quality Commission

They have failed.

They have done so before.

They will do so again.

They will continually fail because they are not, and can never be, close enough to the problem.”

Those who have seen the length and detail of inspectors’ reports may marvel, but it’s true.  Inspectors can never be close enough to prevent ill deeds.  That’s why some inspection regimes compel inspected employees to conduct internal audits as their unpaid proxies.  These also are inadequate pantomime.

The Quality pantomime – not suitable for under-67s.

Inspection is expensive even when internal auditors come “free”.  Maybe the money would be better spent on higher quality staff and freeing for them enough time to do their jobs properly.

Some may be beginning to suspect that inspection is not a good way of assuring quality…

Retrospective…That’s accreditation!

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