Texting with cartoons

Peter Case sang,

“I used to think love could heal all wounds, but then again I still watch cartoons.”

Be warned.  Reality is different.

Karen De Coster writes sagely of phone texting addicts:

“But experience shows that eventually, not only do texters cease to have a face, but they also become non-callers. As they devolve from face to phone to text, they lose touch with real people and real relationships. They no longer have the ability to interact directly with flesh and bones. They are living life in a cartoon.”

Those who think records inspected for ISO accreditation prove quality also live in a cartoon version of reality.  Perfect records are only a partial view of what’s going on.

It is a continual surprise to speak to people who a) completely believe the accreditation myth, b) those that completely disbelieve it but are powerless against government compulsion and the marketplace coercion at the core of the ISO management standards, and c) those that largely disbelieve the myth but call for more of its controls because it is now the lingua franca of management.

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