The hidden Tamiflu data

We have previously considered how the ISO inspection cartel fails to step onto the Cochrane ladder of evidence.  It has no data to present on its own efficacy, effectiveness or cost-effectiveness.

Roche also has been evasive about revealing clinical data for its profitable and pandemically stockpiled drug, Tamiflu.  Maybe the drug knocks a day or two off patients’ symptoms, but the greater benefits lie elsewhere.  It’s another product that works marvellously for the transfer of money from large numbers of taxpayers to those who pay hardly any tax at all.

Plenty for everyone: Nicola Guppy sorts through boxes of Tamiflu at Britain's first Swine Flu Assesment and Collection centre in Peterborough

The BMJ is campaigning to see the Roche data released:

GP and MP, Sarah Wollaston said: “It will surely be a turning point in the campaign for open data if we can show that £1 in every £200 of the total NHS budget for 2009 was spent stockpiling a drug for which a drug company had knowingly concealed data either showing it had no real benefits . . . or worse . . . caused real harm.”

Yes.  And how much is wasted on accreditation?

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