The opposite of Robin Hood

Unlike much of the environmentalist scam, the accreditation cartel doesn’t need to do junk science.  It substantially sidesteps scientific proof regarding itself. The purpose of science is to be a body that inspection organisations can parasitise. 

Lew Rockwell interviews James Delingpole on why the global warming con continues (vested interests of the rentiers):

ROCKWELL: So, James, since real science versus, quote, unquote, “science that we’re always told to bow down in obsequious to,” has long ago shown that the whole global warming thing is a bunch of hooey, what is the reason it continues to dominate?

DELINGPOLE: I think it’s because, although they have effectively lost the science war, they continue to win the political war. Which is to say that all the mechanisms that they’ve set up over the last two decades for allowing their ponzi scheme to thrive, allowing all the corporatist rent seekers who stand to make billions of dollars out of this massive scam, these people are not going to go away easily.

A classic example of this is wind farms. Wind farms do not generate electricity on any commercially competitive level. The only reason that wind farms can survive is through government subsidy, which is – you know and I know, being good von Mises types – means money is stolen from the taxpayer and funneled into the pockets of rent-seeking businessmen. 

Now, this is going on in Britain. Our prime minister, David Cameron, his father-in-law, Sir Reginald Sheffield, Bt. – that means he’s a baronet. Sir Reginald Sheffield gets 1000 pounds every day from the taxpayer for allowing eight enormous wind turbines to be sited on his 2,000-acre estate. This is criminal. This is the opposite of Robin Hood. This is the rich being allowed, through government intervention, to take money from the poor.

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