Tools of the cartel: Redefinition

How does the inspection cartel avoid admitting it enforces a cosy monopoly while also compelling markets to be “free”?

By redefining its regulatory impositions as a “public authority activity” without economic consequence:

3.3 Is this Regulation creating a monopoly?
Accreditation is not being classified as an economic activity but as a public authority activity. Public authorities do not compete in order to deliver a service. DIUS considers that there are clear benefits in having a single accreditation body to act as the last level of control in the conformity assessment chain.

Local authorities check and enforce the EU regs, so the burden of accreditation regulations on other public services and businesses is ignored.  Convenient, eh?  The scope of EU Regulation 765/08 goes far beyond local authorities and you can read the UK Government’s promotional material for it by clicking the link in the quotation.

Controlled competition for the outsiders; monopoly for cartel members.  That’s how every tier of the EU ziggurat works.

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