Same as…

The bogus claims of some hairy Victorians are falling.

The Telegraph‘s obituary of Dr Thomas Szasz, an opponent of the psychiatry movement, reminds us of his observation that,

“When metaphor is mistaken for reality and is then used for social purposes, then we have the makings of myth. I hold that the concepts of mental health and mental illness are mythological concepts, used strategically to advance some social interests and to retard others, much as national and religious myths have been used in the past.”

These criticisms of psychiatry apply equally to the quality cartel’s inspectionism.

Never-ending treatment; never a cure. 

Observe that great scientific discoveries were not made under the UKAS regime.

Ask loudly, what social interests are being advanced by coercion to accreditation?

Inspection of records cannot create quality.  Accreditationism purveys a metaphor that deceives lazy minds.

Modern science is parasitised by inspection bodies.  Politicians like such bodies and use them to appease journalists who are hungry for people other than themselves to be accountable.  The quality cartel needs to suck money and brain capacity from other bodies to survive.  It has no other purpose.

An inspector calls…

Maybe an academic or a journalist will write a book exposing it.  They could call it The Selfish Cartel.  Obsessive scrutiny cannot prevent wrong things happening sometimes.

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