Mythbusting sports products

The BMJ has a series of articles debunking sports drinks and athletic paraphernalia.

So widely advertised.  So widely believed by those that think they need them.  The science behind the marketing claims is of low quality.

“This evidence and the finding that the athletes who lose the most body mass during marathon or ultra-marathon races and Ironman triathlons are usually the most successful, would suggest that there exists a tolerable range for dehydration that may not negatively impact on running performance. Perhaps this mass loss might even confer an advantage by preventing a substantial increase in body mass because of the “overconsumption” of large volumes of fluid.” 

The BBC’s Panorama has been reporting on this too.

Large sums of money are paid for no or marginal benefits, and sometimes harm.  Companies make large profits from the products.  The money is redistributed to the investment banksters that feed off the companies.  They amplify their profits in their devious and corrupt closed trading systems. High frequency trades much faster than a fast athlete’s heart.  The software wins most of the time.  Profit in every trade; millions of times a day.

Sport is the sideshow.

Maybe one day researchers will also expose the lack of evidence for the similarly pseudo-scientific ISO accreditation – the cure that is an illness.

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1 Response to Mythbusting sports products

  1. Very interesting that those who lose the most body weight are the most successful, which discredits everything the sports drink manufacturers say about the need to stay hydrated and consume their high sugar content products for better performance. Cheers for the post

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