Kellogg’s crafty crusaders infiltrate halal certification

Crusaders have oddly shed their crosses and donned oriental eye masks.

Was this to infiltrate packets of breakfast cereal that has been surreptitiously halal certified?

Sloppy halal certification needs to learn from the single-standard ISO and its single-territory inspection monopolies.  The sharia dogma is that if you can be duped into eating halal food, it makes anyone a good Muslim.  Just like quality accreditation gives you quality.

Yeah, right!

There are over 300 halal certifying agencies worldwide.  At least two competing halal certification organisations operate in the UK.  One permits only non-mechanised slaughtering. 

When conquering new lands do Muslims subsist on cereal?

What do they eat until halal food arrives?

The difficulty in being productive under Islam means that 90% of the world’s halal meat is supplied by non-Muslims.  98% of New Zealand ovine products and 60% of its beef are halalHalal is being targeted at non-muslim populations to bring them into obedience with Islamic law: submission without consent.

But why do kosher butchers close when halal butchers open?

“Some Imam’s and Muslims will tell you they are not allowed to eat non-Halal, my question in response, “what did Muslims eat prior to Halal food being available here in the U.S.?”

“There used to be a Kosher butcher in my town, he served both Jews and Muslims until 9/11. After 9|11 the Imam at the local Mosque told his members to no longer support “Jewish owned stores” and the Kosher butcher went out of business shortly thereafter because without the local Muslim population as patrons, he no longer sold enough to remain open.

Hmm, certificates or not, it looks like we’re all trying to stick it to The Man.

With accreditation you can pretend reality is what you see.

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