No ISO management standards here then?

Starting work in Sweden and England: Trust or Control?

“I work in a supermarket in Sweden, but I don’t feel oppressed or bored.  On the contrary, although this work is tiring it’s the best job I’ve ever had.  The reason is simple.  They trust me. Here in Sweden, they start off with trust.  They assume you’ll do your job adequately until proven otherwise, and they leave you alone to do your job.  They trust you to do your job.  I can only explain it by saying English workplaces can feel less open-hearted.  Less welcoming.  Slightly mean-spirited…

“Of course mistakes need to be corrected (although more mistakes will be made due to shattered nerves if the employee feels that ‘Big Brother is watching’ them)…… All I’m saying is that I feel that the more relaxed atmosphere in Sweden can bring out the best in some people…  

“In Sweden they wait until it’s broken before they fix it… I have been left alone to devise my own methods.  I feel ownership and pride in my work.  I know where things are, how to prioritise and how to reorganise things for a big delivery.  When the freezer boss went on holiday I was trusted to do these things, so I did them.  It’s that simple.

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