An investment in caring

Cherie Blair is touring the countryside in a chauffeur-driven car.

Suddenly, a cow jumps out into the road, they hit it full on and the car comes to a stop.

Cherie, in her usual charming manner, says to the chauffeur: ‘You get out and check – you were driving.. ‘

The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead.

‘You were driving; go and tell the farmer, ‘ says Cherie.

Five hours later, the chauffeur returns totally plastered, hair ruffled with a big grin on his face.

‘My god, what happened to you?’ asks Cherie.

The chauffeur replies: ‘ When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap-up meal and the daughter made love to me. ‘

‘What on earth did you say?’ asks Cherie.

‘ I knocked on the door, and when it was answered, I said to them: ‘ I’m Cherie Blair’s chauffeur…
and I’ve just killed the cow.’

Wipe that smile off your face!  This gets serious.

You’ve read how Lord Carter was used to set up NHS pathology services for privatisation while pathologists nodded naively.

Should we be surprised to learn that Cherie Blair has co-founded an equity fund to invest in heathcare?  The Witchdoctor explains that Labour donor Sainsbury’s will also be getting to help themselves to a share of the former NHS market.  Maybe NHS pensions could be invested in it too.  Would that solve some problems?  Or will it fail horribly for those outside the Blair circle, as these things normally do?

Don’t laugh, but the enterprise is called Allele.  The name hints at a genetic connection to the bankster class. Bankster genotype.  Pillarbox phenotype.  Who sells a genomic array that can explain that?

Anyone that knows Cherie knows it’s always been about MEE (Healthcare).

Actually, no!

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