Where there’s fear somebody’s making money

Psst!  Want a share tip?  This one could be hot.

But probably hotter for a bankster or a former Vice-President than for you.

It’s a “verified carbon standard” and it will help you understand why the failed “global warming” has been rebranded “climate change.”  Click the picture to get the facts as the company sees them:

Carbon Opportunities

” – the Kyoto protocol introduced a method of monetising the emission of carbon as a means of reducing the amount of emissions produced by both businesses and individual states. Consequently, emissions are now a commodity that can be traded.” 

Just like interest-only mortgages, NINJA loans, Collateralised Debt Obligations, derivatives, and student loans.  Could carbon trading be a bigger fiat currency than all of these?

Understand? It’s all about money.  It is alchemy that transmutes carbon into money. Fear is the catalyst. The money is stolen into the accounts of the wealthy who know how the scam works.

Carbon trading transforms a chemical element into a crime.  

Well, it would be a crime if the politicians weren’t in on the action too.  

 Climate Money: The Climate Industry: $79 billion so far – trillions to come

The earth has some time to go yet. You can sleep easily again.

Unless the polar bears eat you.

They won’t unless you’re very careless.

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