Costa Rican eco-cult

“Recruitment is a slow, steady process, you kind of slip into it, and before you know it ‘facts’ such as these are plausible. What you don’t know early on is that everyone else is in on it, so you are being recruited by the entire group. I remember an American girl arriving and we all recruited her, me included. I’d become one of them.”

“...This group wasn’t about money but power,” explains Graham Baldwin. “Nick was very confused when I met him, like many people in his position who are trying to make sense of what happened to them. I let him talk a lot, but I asked a lot of questions, such as ‘why do you think they did this or that?’. Cult victims must find the answers themselves. Cults target intelligent young people who are often searching for something. Anyone can be recruited. There is no immunity.”

It may be a story about a Costa Rican eco-cult.  It’s modus operandi contains elements familiar from earlier cults that have robbed members of their money, minds and futures. These methods of psychological control will remind you of some similarities with how the inspection cult must operate.

Anyone can be recruited. There is no immunity.”

Anything can be accredited as long as it can be written down for inspection.

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2 Responses to Costa Rican eco-cult

  1. Roberto Castro says:

    At last a Costarrican can answer. A Costarrican speaks. I have read the article written by the intelligent middle class Englishman Mr. Nick Skinner. I am Costarrican and the only Nick that I know has the same name and I met him in Costa Rica some years ago. He lived with an English woman and their son in a place close to Perez Zeledon with a group of hippies; a man with serious problems with addiction and with drugs in general. He had two women, one of which was from Switzerland with money and she had him in her house always and maintained him because the consumption of drugs prevented him from having value for himself. The other woman was an English woman and she lived in a tent with their child and he was with hardly any clothing and they were both suffering from hunger. The provider of the drugs had Nick under a very impressed and ecstatic state. The English woman living under very critical conditions (for example he kept her passport from her and any money he kept from her, she and her son were cold and wet inside the tent and he threatened her constantly that he would run away with their son-emotional blackmail-and went for days with hardly any food while Nick was overweight); she intelligently looked for help from a Costarrican that knew of their story and they were accepted in a center that rehabilitated drug addicts in which they lived for some time. As they had no resources to cover their costs they were financed by the center itself. His English companion had to receive specialized psychological attention because of the scorn and abuse that she received by this man called Nick. He manipulated his English companion’s reality very much as he had done for years and stole their son and took him to England where the people there did not know the truth and they became enthusiastic with what he told them and he created a story without the possibility of defense to justify his stealing of their son and abandonment of his companion, she who had been subjected for many years to all kinds of abuse and victimization: because ´ all is fair in love’. I am sure that articles like these should show both sides of the coin, not just one and when the true facts are investigated maybe the truth will come to light and this moderately intelligent man is left stripped and naked in facing his own reality. In Costa Rica it is said that to judge you have to know the truth and the facts.
    The film could be a success, if the truth is investigated. When his truth is so vulnerable, an intelligent middle class Englishman could be seriously questioned.

  2. ISOwatcher says:

    This story was in the papers because there is a film to promote. Films usually deal with reinforcing cliques rather than the truth.

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