Approaches to quality management and accreditation in a genetic testing laboratory

The EU has funded another “Network of Excellence” to bring accreditation to medical genetics. Can member labs all excel before they are accredited?  Does every lab not excel once it is accredited?  After all, there can be no degrees of accreditation.  It’s proof that things are as good as they could possibly be…despite always improving.

Will a quality assurance research unit  publish research that says a key part of quality assurance is useless?

Will EU funding allow it to point to the value of a less bureaucratic approach?

Click image to read the full paper

The paper describes the psychological manipulation required to sell new ideas like accreditation where any benefits are theoretical and not obvious .

“When confronted with resistance, you could adopt the following four steps:…”

Resort to such ploys tells you that something sinister is going on.  Accreditation doesn’t sell itself by benefits that are proven.

The paper is important because it puts in the open the cartel’s need to manipulate its victims.  

So when you’ve finished reading it – and the paper is a good description of what the cartel requires – don’t ignore the acknowledgments:

The workshops are organized with financial support from EuroGentest (FP6-512148). We acknowledge those who have contributed to the workshops:….. We are grateful to all participants who have helped to make the workshop a success through their enthusiasm and input. We thank l’Agence de la biomedicine for supporting the workshops in French. Appreciation goes out to all unit 1 members of EuroGentest for their fruitful discussions on quality and help with compiling the definitions list.”

Vested interests – it’s a familiar story:

Climate Change Scare Machine Cycle

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