Rebooting management?

“A programmer can re-program a computer. No one can reprogram a society. Those who try are first called revolutionaries, then tyrants, and finally failures.”

Americans promulgated the MBA-style management errors measuring everything against profit.

Britons countered with command-and-control policies and BSI/ISO management standards – measuring everything by record-keeping and strangling performance with inappropriate bureaucracies.

Europeans followed with ISO social control standards.

SAVE ENERGY User Behaviour Transformation Process and ISO 50001

SAVE ENERGY User Behaviour Transformation Process and ISO 50001

ISO indoctrination of children


“North America no longer holds a clear advantage in any of these fields of accomplishment it used to lead.

“With one exception: management ideology….

“Management ideology is, in essence, the last bastion of American hegemony. We continue to see the principles of shareholder capitalism, professional bureaucracy and productive efficiency as natural, inevitable and beneficial. “

Discovery of the true price of goods and services has been obscured from consumers.  It keeps them borrowing whatever banksters want to print.  Their friends in governments have interfered to delay the natural consequences of the business class criminals that have been transferring money from shareholders, customers, and taxpayers into their own pay.

Keiser Report

To come: Asian management theories with a collectivist, long-term flavour.

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3 Responses to Rebooting management?

  1. Money, money, money…..
    Bureaucracy doesn’t really stem from capitalism like they say. It has everything o do with money and making money.
    The challenge is keeping things like food, forestry, air to breathe, people, and hiking paths available for the pleasurable things in life….. joke, not a joke… both I geuss

    • ISOwatcher says:

      Exactly. ISO standards for food, forestry, management of employees’ behaviour (“quality”), climate etc. open the way for inspection bodies to make money and, more importantly, to control areas in which people should be free. Most sinister is how they can control people’s behaviour so tightly without democratic consultation or mandate.

  2. It’s like charitable organization that raise funds for poverty but only send water to foreign countries while usurping almost billions in admin costs and new engineering. How much money does it cost to send bottled water?

    I feel like the initiatives that some of these endeavors say the hope to achieve are impossible with the methods they use.

    i.e. water is important but what about cleaner water for the future? who’s helping to improve the conditions of the rivers and streams near these populations so that illnesses such as dysentery and diarrhea can diminish?

    I have friends in India that are now helping to cleanup the river Ganga by trimming populated seaweed and that;s been infected and treating fecal matter in a more sanitary way tan channeling it into rivers. That used to be a practice you know.

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