Belgium: 500 days and counting…

You may have been concerned by the earlier report of Belgium surviving without central government for 400 days.  Fear not; its existence continues:

“As I write, Belgium has not had a central government for more than 500 days. While I must admit, as an occasional visitor to that country, that the difference between Belgium with and Belgium without a central government is not apparent on casual inspection, this interregnum may take the theory of limited government too far…

“…Wallonia and Flanders are like a married couple who no longer can live together but find divorce impossible because of difficulties over the settlement.”

Chocolate, beer, soccer, and the king are holding it together just fine on their own.

UPDATE: Belgium now has a new coalition government.

Newer news: “Belgium’s general strike is a success”

Don’t ask about the Pitchfork Movement in Italy.

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2 Responses to Belgium: 500 days and counting…

  1. disparibus says:

    Never let reality distort fallacy:

    Notwithstanding, there was more than time of lack of government to stand your point.

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