Do you need a holiday from accreditation?

Do you need a holiday from accreditation?  Bill Bonner asks,

“How do you get to South Africa? Here’s how to simulate the journey in your basement or garage… and save $5,000.

First, stand around for about two hours. Take off your clothes, just as you would as you pass through security. Then, sit down in a fairly comfortable, reclining chair. Turn on a loud furnace or vacuum cleaner. Besides you are two strangers, one on either side. One is immensely fat. The other has a bad cough.

Arrange for someone to serve you a bad meal while you are seated. Have a cheap bottle of wine on hand for refreshment. When you are finished eating, turn out the light. Stay seated for the next eight hours. It is now about 3 AM. Set your alarm to wake up. Turn the lights on. Stay awake (while the plane is refueling in Dakar) for about an hour. Then, you may put your seat back again. Stay in your seat for another eight hours.

Voila, you are there.”

OK, cancel the holiday.  This sounds too much like a trip to the land of accredited quality…

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