Protesting against rain

“We are all going to get poorer and poorer for the rest of our lives. This is because this country long ago chose to live beyond its means, and the blazing red Final Demands are now cascading on to the national doormat.”

That’s what happens when everyone believes politicians.  In a modern democracy they are used to redistribute 1) real wealth from productive people, and 2) fictional wealth they have created by fiat, to the groups with the most votes.  They get to keep a lot for themselves.  And don’t forget the blackest of inner markets where the insider trading is done.

John Maynard Keynes.jpg

John Maynard Keynes said,

“By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”  

It’s hard to con a man that isn’t greedy.  But when every citizen seeks to live beyond their means at the expense of their neighbours, all will run to such convenient lies.  The Twentieth Century has ended and the bills are coming due.

Mmm...need it!

Oh well, at least we can still afford quality…or at least accreditation.

Or might it be just as effective and more efficient to mount street protests against poor quality?

Or might the labours for accreditation be as fruitful as protesting against rain?

spiderman  rain

Recording concrete facts has more to do with preconceptions than truth.  The preconceptions determine what is recognised as a fact.  Facts have little relationship with their interpretation.  All concrete facts are little better than abstract, and every one must be interpreted – even to have the wrong meaning. People seek biases to confirm their presuppositions.

This is the same reason why the west has gone bust: there is a real world apart from what the auditor declares.  Those recording the facts often know better.  However, both inspectors and inspected share a desire to believe the fiction they co-operate in constructing.

False colour; real disease. More real than reality?

As the years pass, the accreditation standard is “developed”.  Its application is loosened and tightened in different places.  Yet we are told to believe that quality remains and probably improves.  Because quality is the product of inspection; not what the customer wants.  If there’s inspection, quality is always there.

It’s sort of like a guarantee, except when something goes wrong the inspection body isn’t liable.

There may be elements of fact in inspection, but overall it is an expensive fiction.  A convenient fiction agreed upon by those who accept what they are told.  This fiction is that quality is a result of inspection.

There’s no more point protesting that accreditation generally works than that inflation is generally profitable.  The Strange Case of Frank Cash might confirm that.  But what do you think?

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