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The Lacanian drive loop

Ah, the ’60s.  Jacques Lacan.  The Lacanian drive loop: not making accreditation sexy, just resurrecting psychoanalysis. “Aim of the Drive “The drives differ from biological needs in that they can never be satisfied, and do not aim at an object but rather circle … Continue reading

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Rule 3-30

UKAS’s obsession and need for expansion obliges it to pursue metrical perfectionism and uncertainty of measurement.  However, in the real world things can be different for clinical decision making.  Prof. Enrique Sanchez-Delgado has written: “After analyzing hundreds of trials, I recognized … Continue reading

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Labs Are Vital promotes international quality standards

Global Consortiums Unite in Support of Unique Initiative to Transform Professions and Perceptions in Laboratory Medicine Though often underappreciated, laboratory professionals play a vital role in providing quality health care. Collaboration between a global consortium of pathology and laboratory medicine … Continue reading

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We’re already working rather hard!

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