Management is going backwards

Simon Caulkin has written in Pity the NHS, managed by charlatans and flat-earthers:

“Economist John Kay once remarked that in terms of scientific knowledge, management is about where medicine was in the mid-19th century. The history of the NHS is a graphic demonstration. As medical science steadily advances, management marks time: in important ways, as the ghastly events above (and many others in both public and private sector: at random: BP, Lehman and the whole financial crisis) demonstrate, it is marching backwards.”

He has reviewed the financial bubble film Inside Job in The biggest heist in history:

“Perhaps most dismaying of all is the degree to which the fraud/stupidity is systemic…

“- the entire management supply chain is implicated in the banking scandal: the economics and management disciplines and the business schools that teach them, accountancy, consultancy, the ratings agencies and insurance as well as the banks themselves. Of course, a whole system of corruption is much harder to unpick than than a few individual organisations however large.”

Read it and ask,

Could similar deception be happening with accreditation? 

There is no evidence for accreditation working and there are no checks and balances against it.

UKAS might be a little vampire squid but its style of inspection is certainly not going to be let loose on the big banking one.  Perhaps they would eat each other.

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