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Management is going backwards

Simon Caulkin has written in Pity the NHS, managed by charlatans and flat-earthers: “Economist John Kay once remarked that in terms of scientific knowledge, management is about where medicine was in the mid-19th century. The history of the NHS is a graphic … Continue reading

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Cochrane’s ladder

Archie Cochrane’s ladder of evidence.  It’s helpful viewpoint for evaluating whether a treatment is worthwhile, isn’t it?   Accreditation is a treatment that is supposed to create quality…whatever that is.  Like everything else, the accreditation philosophy rests on the base of … Continue reading

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Crime In Progress

Inspector Guilfoyle has written a long, referenced essay, aptly entitled Crime In Progress, the Impact Of Targets On Police Service Delivery.  Perhaps, he will further develop the crime aspect of the management culture he is criticising.  It is a crime against progress.  Is … Continue reading

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I am an inspector. Please buy accreditation.

Are scientists and doctors also vulnerable to scams like this? Citizens Gullible to Doctor Look-Alikes ISTANBUL (Reuters) Apr 27 2011 – Turkish police donned white coats and stethoscopes to disguise themselves as doctors, then knocked on people’s doors to see … Continue reading

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