The Lacanian drive loop

Ah, the ’60s.  Jacques Lacan The Lacanian drive loop: not making accreditation sexy, just resurrecting psychoanalysis.

Jacques Marie Émile Lacan 1901-1081

Aim of the Drive

“The drives differ from biological needs in that they can never be satisfied, and do not aim at an object but rather circle perpetually round it.

“Lacan argues that the purpose of the drive (Triebziel) is not to reach a goal (a final destination) but to follow its aim (the way itself), which is to circle round the object.

“Thus the real purpose of the drive is not some mythical goal of full satisfaction, but to return to its circular path, and the real source of enjoyment is the repetitive movement of this closed circuit.

“…Thus, for Lacan, all drives are sexual drives, and every drive is a death drive since every drive is excessive, repetitive, and ultimately destructive”

Inspirational to accreditation or just co-incidental?

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