Labs Are Vital promotes international quality standards

Global Consortiums Unite in Support of Unique Initiative to Transform Professions and Perceptions in Laboratory Medicine

Though often underappreciated, laboratory professionals play a vital role in providing quality health care. Collaboration between a global consortium of pathology and laboratory medicine organizations and a global community of medical laboratory professionals offers a powerful opportunity to advance the laboratory medicine profession.

Laboratory professionals worldwide are uniting in support of our global initiative to raise public awareness of the integral role of laboratory medicine and the contribution to enhancing patient care. Labs Are Vital is excited to collaborate with the World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM) to address the lack of public awareness of the field of laboratory medicine in an innovative, proactive way.

This partnership increases international exposure of our Labs Are Vital initiative to bolster participation and support. Promotional opportunities afforded by WASPaLM’s involvement with us include exposure on the WASPaLM Web site, presence at regional and chapter meetings, and advertising spots in WASPaLM publications.

Labs Are Vital representatives will engage with WASPaLM members at general session meetings to extend our audience and elevate the influence of ongoing Labs Are Vital initiatives. “Labs Are Vital is honored and enthused to be joining forces with the prestigious World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in pursuing our common goals to enhance the stature of the laboratory medicine profession globally among physicians and other health care professionals, hospital executives, health policy makers, and the public,” said Kathy Turner, divisional vice president, Abbott Diagnostics. “This will be a powerful and influential collaboration to promote the exchange of information among laboratory scientists worldwide and also to encourage a new generation of scientists to consider careers in laboratory medicine.”

“The World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine represents 45 societies in 34 countries across the globe. The partnership with Labs Are Vital opens up new opportunities to increase the visibility of pathology and laboratory medicine,” said WASPaLM President Michael Oellerich, MD. “There is a substantial overlap of common goals, such as the promotion of education, research, international quality standards, and the exchange of information between pathologists and laboratory scientists. Both organizations share the same mission to improve health throughout the world, by promoting the teaching and practice of all aspects of pathology and laboratory medicine. WASPaLM considers the partnership with Labs Are Vital as an excellent opportunity to successfully implement these goals.”

Increasing the number of supporters of Labs Are Vital sends a powerful message to the health care community. There is a critical need to support the laboratory profession and emphasize its value and importance. The Labs Are Vital initiatives will continue to address the key issues facing laboratory professionals and the field of laboratory medicine in today’s health care climate. We are also playing a key role in elevating perceptions of the laboratory profession, with a range of efforts to reverse the projected workforce shortage via student recruitment, peer-to-peer interaction, and building community.

The Labs Are Vital program is designed to actively raise awareness and catalyze change through our online presence, organized events, and public awareness projects. The effect in the laboratory science community is specific and cumulative—we are changing the status quo.

(Emphasis not in original)

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