Bureaucracy grows in the education cartel

An interesting graphical illustration is presented in an article on how the US college cartel has agreed a plan with government and banksters to turn students into perpetual debt slaves.  This increase in management probably has nothing to do with ISO accreditation which isn’t always supported by the extra staff needed.  This is just how bureaucracy will grow if unchecked by its cost.

Bankruptcy provides no escape from student loan debt.  Americans can hand back their house keys and walk away from their unaffordable mortgages but not their college degrees. And many never reach graduation.

The merger of institutions enables higher salaries for those at the top and makes the organisations too big to provide services well.

Universities in the UK are also exploiting student gullibility and trawling the world for suckers.  The higher education system has been transformed into a corrupt business; banking for the less intelligent.

It will take 30 Years for an English Student to pay for their educationOr is it just to close British universities to all but the wealthiest and most indebted British students, and to force the rest into being mobile European worker units?

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