“The reader will be surprised to see…”

“The reader will be surprised to see…the considerable number of unacceptable results presented by laboratories – among which there could be quite a few that have been in fact accredited!  It follows from this that users of analytical laboratories cannot be sure that the results of accredited  laboratories are necessarily in all cases free of errors.”Image of the first page of the fulltext document

No cause for confidence then.  And if there is no certain confidence, accreditation is a very expensive comfort blanket.

UKAS knows it cannot assure freedom  from errors by retrospective sampling.  ISO accreditation is not a system like HACCP that is designed to deliver zero defects in less complex production environments.  That is why UKAS sells mere “confidence”.  Only the reader that has absorbed UKAS’s spin and has not been directly involved in accreditation will be surprised at the reviewer’s statement above.

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