Why don’t nurses care?

John Seddon asks,

Why don’t nurses care?

We have seen many news reports over the last few weeks of nurses failing to care for patients. Most commentators blamed the people. It reminds me of the then minister of adult social care, Ed Balls, declaring that the solution to low morale amongst care workers was more training. With both of these important problems, it is the system, stupid.

Nurses don’t ‘care’ because their focus is on feeding the bureaucracy, not caring for patients. Social workers don’t solve problems for the same reason. We have taken the heart out of nursing and care work by subjecting them to an antediluvian command-and-control regime dreamed up by people who have no knowledge of the work. It bothers me that the specifications and inspection regime has not been turned off for care services.

And it’s not just the nurses.  Oh, no.

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