They will impose that goodness upon us

They are working to make us “good”.  Just like themselves.

The Witch Doctor warns:

“…After all, the government have set up a unit in order to change the behaviour of society to the way they want it to be, rather than serving society and allowing it to develop its own legal groundswell of behaviour change.  The unit is called “The Behavioural Insight Team.”

The government believe they know what is good for us all and will “impose” that goodness upon us often using a system of rewards.  They have produced a document called “Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy.

This, My Black Cat says, is what the word “Change” is about.
It has taken My Black Cat a long time to work out the meaning of the word “Change” in the context of all political parties.
Did we vote for a government to control our minds?
Or did we vote for a government to democratically serve us all” …

What sort of goodness can be forced? Can it  be real?

Peter Hitchens observes:

“Once human beings begin to think that they are good, there is nothing they won’t do to those who disagree with their own self-assessment. Wait and see.”

Might the accreditation of coerced goodness be a worthless counterfeit for qualities that are true?  

They are going to teach us how to be happy too.

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